The Pitfalls of ‘Do It Yourself’

Think back. Has there ever been a time when you decided to do it yourself and perhaps regretted the outcome? Whether it was a DIY haircut or moving residences, in hindsight sometimes there is a realization that seeking an expert to help you would have been the better option. You’re more likely to get the result you want and find it easier along the way. You may even find you save money (no need for ‘emergency’ visits to the barber, broken furniture…or injured backs).

Making the choice to purchase insurance directly can take up a lot of time in your already busy schedule, especially if you want to compare insurer providers. And the entire task can be confusing and take longer due to a lack of knowledge of insurance terminology and options.

Despite what you may assume, it’s not cheaper to cut out the broker middleman. Having options placed in front of you and explained by the broker might save you a lot more money in the long run, especially when describing whether the newest bells and whistles would be beneficial to your circumstances.

How a Broker Can Help

SBIS experts provide personal advice and are experienced in helping people find the right insurance policy to suit their circumstances and budget. SBIS experts are licensed, and stay in the know regarding insurance regulation changes, product features and new insurance products.

SBIS works to take the stress out of the process by comparing different policy types from a variety of insurers for you, then offering you quotes and advice to help you choose an insurance product that best suits your needs.

Remember, SBIS experts stay up to date on your situation and insurance product offerings, so you can get the best suggestions without struggling for hours and wasting time.

And when it comes to price, your SBIS broker can help you find the most cost effective policy faster while assisting you with the application process.


Getting advice from an insurance broker vs purchasing insurance directly

Here are some factors to consider when making your decision.

  Getting Broker Advice Purchasing Direct
Purchaser Experience For persons who need help understanding all the products, features and insurance terminology For persons who know exactly what they are looking for and what company they want to purchase from
Application Process SBIS consults with you to help with the application process over the phone or online.  And there is no time limit – we take as long as necessary to help you so you are confident in your purchase. Even simple applications online or over the phone, most suitable for basic coverage selections that do not require medical underwriting can be confusing and getting assistance can be difficult.
Options Available Quickly assist in selecting a company and product to best suit needs and budget. Knowledgeable in comparing features and benefits based on up-to-date industry knowledge. Time consuming and limited to products you might have reviewed and compared yourself. Online information gathered may be out of date.
Underwriting SBIS provides help understanding and managing the underwriting of your application, including immediate acceptance, depending on the best product for your needs. Simplified products may result in unexpected limitations, possibly increasing chances of a claim being denied, sometimes with little explanation as to the reason.
Coverage Amount Assist in understanding and selecting appropriate coverage levels based on lifestyle. May increase chance of under or over-insurance.
Claiming SBIS works for you, not the insurance company, and will assist you with the claims process and advocate on your behalf. You manage the entire process, including following up on any delays or issues. There may be surprises that a claim is denied based on fine print that you were not aware of, and you have no support to appeal.
Updates SBIS will review your coverage with you when you need  help to ensure it still meets your needs and we assist in making any required changes. Diligence is required to remain up to date on new insurance options available; you must review the choices regularly.
Communication SBIS experts are available by telephone during normal business hours.  We pick up each phone call with a live voicewhen you have questions or want support. When you need help or have a question about your policy, you must contact the insurance company call centre.

Let SBIS help you to be confident in your insurance decision

SBIS is a health insurance broker — our specialists can save you time and money while helping you understand the details of a policy. But if you’ve spent the time, done the research, compared a variety of policy types from different health insurance companies, and understand all the terminology, buying directly from the provider may be a good option for you. That’s why SBIS will even assist you with that option when you use our handy online quote and application tools.

SBIS Health Insurance in Two Minutes Or Less

At SBIS we understand that choosing to call our experts or to go online depends on your personal preference. So remember: if you are starting out, have undergone a significant life change or don’t know much about insurance, with just one call you can get the help you need to quickly and confidently purchase health insurance. What could be easier?