Why You Need the Perfect Insurance Plan for Your Children

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When we become parents, our priorities change completely—we put our children before ourselves. Our money is spent differently, our weekend plans change drastically, and our lives are shaped around the well-being of our kids.

Our caring and nurturing doesn’t stop at feeding and clothing, it extends to the well-being of our children in all ways. That includes making sure they have an education, a clean environment, and lots of support—including access to health services.

If you already have an insurance plan but only have individual coverage, you should see if you can change your coverage to include the rest of your family. This way, everyone’s covered and you won’t have to worry.

Similarly, if you don’t already have a plan, once you have kids the pressure is on to make sure they have the best care you can manage. Purchasing a plan can definitely help you in that respect. With benefits, your child will have access to most of the health and dental care they may need.

While many children are lucky enough to not need many health services, all children should see a dentist regularly. A lot of dentistry involves preventative work to ensure that nothing problematic develops over time. For this reason, having a dental insurance plan is ideal, as you will be able to provide your children with preventative care and procedures aimed at avoiding trouble in the future.

Caring For Your Child’s Teeth

It’s up to you to make sure that your children’s health is being attended to. That includes taking care of their teeth. Many people ask when they should start brushing their baby’s teeth and the answer is, as soon as their teeth come in. Getting an early start will help your child’s dental health tremendously.

Be sure to check your child’s mouth regularly to see if any new teeth are coming in, and watch for any problem areas that a dentist should look at. Get your little ones involved and encourage them to choose a toothbrush and kid-friendly toothpaste. Teach them how to brush and floss, and give them their own cup for rinsing.

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The more involved you are, the more your child will learn to be thorough when brushing. You could even brush your teeth together and make it a daily thing!

The next thing you will want to do is schedule an appointment with a dentist. The first visit may be a little scary for your little one, but reassure them that the dentist is there to help. For very young children, particularly toddlers, the dentist will simply count their teeth and take a look in their mouth.

Your child’s dentist and hygienist will be able to teach your child more about the importance of keeping their teeth clean. These visits usually end with a brand new toothbrush and maybe a sticker! Many of the services performed during these first visits are covered under most dental plans.

The Bills Add Up!

If you purchase a dental plan, you likely won’t have to worry much about dental costs in the long run. Without a plan, your child’s dental services can be quite expensive. Even a regular exam and cleaning can cost several hundred dollars.

With children, there are some procedures that are unavoidable. Pit and fissure sealants are like pre-fillings that go on children’s molars, preventing decay which would necessitate fillings. While these are not as costly as regular fillings, they can add up, especially when needed on all molars.

Fluoride treatment is usually administered to all patients, but often is only covered for children. That means that this treatment may not be eligible when performed on an adult, but you can claim that amount if your child requires it.

Children also need more frequent checkups. Most adults can get away with seeing the dentist every nine months, but it’s preferable that children see the dentist every six months. Most plans will state how many months need to pass between visits for both adults and children.

Seeing the dentist twice a year can be expensive, and imagine the cost if you have several children. The best way to avoid this kind of financial headache is to have a dental benefit plan in place. If you’re paying a small amount every month, your insurance practically pays for itself when you calculate just how much you’re saving.

Specialist Fees

If your child is seeing a pediatric dentist, (a dentist who specializes in treating children), the fees per visit may be significantly higher than those of a general practitioner. Most plans will only pay according to the general practitioner fee schedule. Any costs above and beyond this amount would be paid out of pocket. Colgate’s website gives a great description of what exactly pediatric dentists do, and the scope of their expertise.

This isn’t to say that specialists are never covered, but your plan will typically pay only a certain amount, and you have to absorb the rest yourself. Take into account that your child is receiving excellent care, but it costs more.

What Should You Look For in a Plan?

If you’re looking for an insurance plan that can cover your whole family, think about what your family needs. Do you want coverage for both basic and major dental services? How much do you want to pay per month for your premiums? Do you want a full package or a smaller one that covers the basics?

Our office can certainly help you find the right plan for your family. An insurance broker can go over your options and help you find a plan that’s perfect for all of you and won’t cost you an arm or a leg…or a set of teeth, in this case. Call us today to find out more!


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